Two princesses
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Two princesses


  It is a dark and rainy night. Barbie is reading in her bed. Kelly and Stacie run in. "Tell us a story, Barbie," says Stacie.

  Barbie looks around. She sees a bunny. "There are two princesses named Kelly and Stacie…" Barbie begins.

  One day, the princesses go to have a picnic in the forest. Suddenly (突然) it begins to rain!The princesses take their basket and hide inside a big tree.

  The rain stops. A bunny hops by. "I have nowhere to go. (我无处可去) My house has too much rain water," says Bunny.

  Just then a bird flies down. "It rained so hard," he says. "My nest fell (跌落)out of the tree."

  The two princesses will help their friends. Everyone goes up the hill. Stacie and Kelly dig a nice new hole (挖了新的树洞) for Bunny. "Thank you," says Bunny.

  Everyone finds twigs (小树枝) and leaves. They build a new nest for Bird. "Thank you," says Bird.

  Kelly and Stacie share their picnic with Bird and Bunny.

  "The end," says Barbie. Kelly and Stacie look up. The rain stops. "We like your story!" says Kelly.

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